Friday, February 24, 2017

Framed name art for Edward

Seriously, Anchors Aweigh has to be the cutest little boy's collection ever and the reason why I had such a hard time convincing my four year old that he was to 'STAY AWAY from the stickers'! Usually I'd let him choose a sticker off my icon sheet and hope like mad he didn't take my favourite. However, this time he did get to choose where to place some of the icons seeing as this frame is for HIS bedroom wall.

As with all my collage circles I lay down the largest pieces first, however this time I had to take into account my son's name. Then it was a matter of filling in the gaps!

My new motto: If you can't decide which stickers to use... use them all!

I love adding Doodle Pops as they are exactly the same size as the larger stickers on the Icon Sheet yet they are mounted with a duplicate using foam pop dots which adds wonderful dimension to the project.

The complete Anchors Aweigh collection can be viewed HERE.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taking inspiration from cake!

Can you believe how fast we are flying through the year with another month almost over and yet I seem to be lagging behind in the day to day running of my life. Time needs to slow down... especially time procrastinating over layout design. I tend to sit and stare at my craft mat, draw little sketches, rummage through product, re-arrange my tools, get another drink, stand on my head, pray for lightning to strike with a bright idea! Sometimes the brain just doesn't want to play so I head to Pinterest for inspiration and quite often I will find myself scrolling through cakes... yes, it's possible I'm hungry too! 

Isn't this cake just the prettiest thing? Actually, to be honest, I didn't really see the cake for what it was becuase I was too busy eyeing off the design. And then the lightning struck and I had a plan.

After drawing up a quick sketch I sectioned my layout into four and recreated the floral and sprinkle design for each photo. I decided to go with a monochromatic theme for each pic as there was enough flowers on the 'Spring Garden - Icon' sheet to accommodate four different colours.

Another nice surprise from the Spring Garden collection was the alpha stickers added to the icon sheet... however I will admit that I changed the heading twice before I settled on 'Hello Sunshine'.

- Spring Garden Icons Stickers
- Spring Garden This n That Stickers
- Blossoms Sweet Rolls Mini Icon Stickers
- Spring Garden Patterned Paper
- Fruit Stripe Patterned Paper
- Bright Assorted Matte Sprinkles

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dusting off those punches!

Electronic cutting machines have certainly taken the craft industry by storm over recent years but that doesn't mean we can't dust off the old hand held punch to create fun designs on our projects. It just takes a crazy idea to reinvent the wheel, a leaf punch and some seriously cute Doodlebug Swiss Dots paper in dreamy shades of pastel.
Introducing my (dust free) leaf punch and using the bold side of the new Swiss Dots patterned paper I punched a whole pile of leaves in six different shades. Let me just say, I had a desk full of leaves and a very sore hand when finished.
I wanted to have one side of the leaf more prominent than the other so I cut little slits along the edge that would overlap each leaf.
I cut a circle template to use as a guide and began by adhering each leaf starting from the outer most edge and working my way into the middle of the wheel.
At first I thought it was going to take an eternity, however it actually came together quite quickly once I had worked out a system.
I was really pleased with the finished piece and to be honest a little nervous to move onto the next step of embellishing because I had planned on adding some hand stitching and I knew that I couldn't make a mistake as I truly didn't want to redo all that work... my sore hand would never forgive me.
Fortunately everything went smoothly as I added more layers of embellishments finishing with the journaling using Doodlebug rub-ons and a scatter of sprinkles that match the Swiss Dots paper perfectly.

I hope today's post has given you some ideas on using the new Doodlebug Swiss Dots patterned paper and also some inspiration for dusting off your old punches again.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Better late than never!

I'm going to stand on my soap box and proclaim that I'm twelve months behind in my blog as I just realised this layout is from Valentine's day 2016... Eeeek! I think I need to do a blog post a day for the next few weeks so bare with me as I play catch up!
To put my layout together I marked out a heart shape onto the background and added journaling using Doodlebug sentiment rub-ons. I then filled in the gaps with hand stitching over little clusters of embellishments.
TIP: Whenever I hand sew into sticky-back embellishments I dip my needle into baby powder every few stitches so it doesn't get all gooey from the adhesive.
The main cluster of flowers underneath the photos are made from the pre-cut 'Valentine Flowers' craft kit which contains over 35 reversible mix & match floral pieces. So you can flip them over to find the best combination for your project.
 Thanks for stopping by - Melinda

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scrapping winter in the middle of summer!

This would have to be a record... two posts in less than 24 hours. I'm on a roll!

Now, you wouldn't believe that I'm sitting here at my desk with an ice cold drink of water, wearing shorts and a T-shirt and contemplating flicking the air conditioner switch as it's getting unbearably hot. All this while trying to conjure up the words for my 'Winter' themed post. That's the joy of living South of the Equator with opposite climates to the current scrapbooking trend.

Fortunately I had family who managed to visit the snow this past winter so I asked if I could scrap their gorgeous photo. And, I'm very happy they wore colour co-ordinating outfits to the Polar Pals collection... it's always a bonus!

In the past when I have created a collage on a layout I would adhere everything directly onto the background cardstock. But this time I was aiming for a slightly different look to my collage... more of a donut, than a circle. I started by cutting a 9.5" circle from white card.

Then I cut a 4" whole in the middle of the larger circle to create my donut.
As with any collage, I always place the largest pieces on first for a balanced look. However, this time I allowed the pieces to overhang the edges as I wanted to trim the excess away which would give the more defined look that I was aiming for.

And finally, I filled in all the gaps with Glitter Sprinkles, Polar Pals Icon Stickers, Winter Snowflake Sprinkles, and Doodle Pops.

Thank you for stopping by today. It's nice to be back! Melinda

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Putting a sketch to good use!

Hands up everyone that struggles to think up new and fun layout designs? Yep, my hand is raised too! That's why we have people like the very talented Becky Fleck (PageMaps) to do all the hard work for us and this fun sketch is no exception. Perfectly balanced, room for multiple photos and journaling, fun elements and the all important date which is something I tend to forget unless reminded.

When a sketch is this good you really don't need to play around with it too much so I've kept my layout as close to the original design as possible. That's what a sketch is for isn't it?... taking away the stress of thinking up your own design!

My little man has had these swimmers since he was a baby and although they have stretched a little, they are still his favourites. He calls them his 'crabby pants' so the title to my layout was chosen well before I sat down to scrap.

I decided to add lots of layers to give a hint of dimension to the overall design... and I can't resist little clouds with smily faces.

Wouldn't it be nice to have lovely handwriting? I cheat and use the sweet little Doodlebug mini rub-ons. They are the perfect size and come in all the colours of the rainbow. And as for the new glitter sprinkles, they work perfectly as droplets of water because they are slightly transparent and add a touch of sparkle.

And finally... the all important date! Becky's sketches focus on all the necessary elements that go into creating a perfect page of memories.

Next time you have a brain-fade moment and struggle with the design of your layout, head over to PageMaps and browse through the amazing sketches Becky Fleck has put together for anyone and everyone to use.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Rainbow of Alphas

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green,
Purple and Orange and Blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too!

A love for the colours of the rainbow is almost a pre-requisite when designing for Doodlebug and having a rainbow song stuck in your head whilst you are crafting is a regular occurrence too. This layout is a colourful take on my design team challenge to use 'alphas in a creative way'.

I've had this design roughly scribbled into my sketch pad for a very long time and finally I was able to put the plan into action. I just hadn't thought about what title I was going to use until I started looking through the embellishments and I came across the little yellow moon and everything fell into place. And lucky for me, I had exactly the right amount of rows to make it work!

First step was to measure out even spaces for each row and then apply the washi tape across the cardstock and trim off an even amount on each side.

Next step was to work out a balanced position for the photos and positioning each word next to each pic. There was a bit of moving around before I was happy with the combination.

One of the best ways to use your alpha stash is to choose different colours and designs for each word as it lessens the risk of running low on a particular letter before you finish your title... and how often has everyone run into that trap? Yes, I'm lifting my hand high!

Then for the fun stuff... embellishing! I always position the largest pieces first and fill all the little gaps with the smallest bits and bobs. And believe me, my desk ends up in a huge mess but it's heaps of fun.

All products used are available at SCRAPBOOK.COM

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