Sunday, September 21, 2014

An apple a day...

Oooo, I just worked out how many weeks we have left until Christmas and I'm still doing teacher appreciation cards... eek! This year is flying by so quickly that I seem to be chasing my tail without getting anywhere. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way?

DESIGNED FOR | Hampton Art
PROJECT | Hello Teacher Card

1. Cut and score white cardstock to create a card measuring 4" x 5.5" when folded and set aside.
2. Cut a further piece of white cardstock measuring 3.75" x 5.25".
3. Measuring 1.5" down from the top of the cardstock and centred - cut out a rectangle window measuring 2" x 2.75".
4. Cut a final piece of patterned paper measuring 3.5" x 5" and adhere using foam pop dots to the back of the white cardstock with the window.
5. Cut out another window from your patterned paper allowing an eighth of an inch border to remain.
6. Temporarily place the above pieces on top of your folded card and using a pencil, lightly trace out the position of the window. Remove the top pieces and set aside.
7. Stamp your sentiment repeatedly down the pencil drawn panel and allow to dry before erasing the pencil lines.
8. Placing a ribbon around your window pieces, tie a bow under the bottom corner of the cut-out.
9. Add the rub-on sentiment so it aligns with the right side of the cut-out window and is centred vertically within the space.
10. Using foam pop dots adhere your window pieces to the folded card.
11. Slide your embellishment between the layers and adhere in place.

SUPPLIES | Hampton Art
Hampton Art/Doodlebug - Flower Garden - Cling Rubber Stamps (IC0161)
Hampton Art/ki Memories - A Color Story Page Kit (WM1048)
Hampton Art/ki Memories - Printed Ribbon (WM1110)

Neenah Solar White Card-stock
Doodlebug Candy Shoppe Mini Rub-ons (Cupcake)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Spun Sugar)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jillibean Soup | Tutorial on using your leftovers

Hello and welcome to another blog post. Today I'm continuing the theme of useful ways to use up your leftover papers and embellishments with another tutorial.

DESIGNED FOR | Jillibean Soup
PROJECT | Teddy Layout Tutorial
LINK | Full tutorial can be found HERE

SUPPLIES | Jillibean Soup
Patterned Paper: Cool As A Cucumber/Cool Cucumber, Hip Hummus, Awesome Avacado, Chic Kale, Bite Size Bits
Coordinating Stickers: Cool As A Cucumber
Wood Veneers: Halloween
Wise Words: White Sentiments

White Card Stock, Vellum, Embroidery Thread, Corner Punch, Foam Pop Dots
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The colour of white!

Doodlebug recently challenged it's designers to work with one colour and really showcase how a single hue can make a strong statement on our projects. Now I put my hand up for Lily White which seemed like a good idea at the time...

DESIGNED FOR | Doodlebug Design Inc
PROJECT | Colour Challenge Layout

... until I struggled with getting the design to work on a white background. So, I had to deviate from the plan just a little and use coloured cardstock to make the white pop.

WHERE THE IDEA CAME FROM | My doodle pad. As I've mentioned before, I cannot start a project without having a design drawn on paper so I spend quite some time scribbling down ideas until something resonates with me.

Finally I had some fun adding splashes of white ink to soften the overall appearance of the circle around my photo.

SUPPLIES | Doodlebug
Cardstock: Swimming Pool, Limeade
Patterned Paper & Embellishments using all things Lily white.

Mister Huey's Color Mist - Opaque White
Embroidery Thread

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sent with care...

Hello and welcome... hope you are all enjoying the weekend? It's already Sunday evening here in Australia and I'm scratching my head wondering where the past few days have gone? Time just seems to be going so quickly and I seem to be getting behind in my posts again. This card was on the Hampton Art blog recently!

DESIGNED FOR | Hampton Art
PROJECT | Card (Sent With Care)

I wanted to create a very subtle card to suit the sentiment so decided to use a repetitive pattern of the butterfly starting from the boldest colour working down to the palest which would lead the eye down to the wording.

Each piece was stamped and heat embossed before I put it through my hand embossing machine to use the cutting die before adhering to the card using a foam pop dot.

Although I wanted to use black ink for the sentiment I felt that if left with 100% density it might be too overpowering so I stamped off some of the ink and used the second impression on my card.

Once everything was in place I felt that the design was missing something so after a few trials with sequins and epoxy dots I settled on adding a few mini pearls to the card.

SUPPLIES | Hampton Art
Hampton Art/Spellbinders Shapeabilities IC0184
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup Clear Stamps (Irish Farm House Soup) JB0013
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup Kraft Card Stock

ColorBox/Doodlebug Pigment Ink (Beetleblack, Limeade, Swimming Pool, Tangerine)
Doodlebug Mini Pearls
Neenah Solar White Card Stock
Zing Embossing Powder (Apricot, Cricket, Powder)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exciting News...

I'm back... having been away for five days at the wedding of my niece and then on to visit a beautiful friend. So, during that time I missed being able to share my exciting news!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining this amazing group of talented women on the Chickaniddy Crafts Team.


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Washi Tape Tutorial and Winners Announced!

It's the day you've been waiting for... to find out who has won the give-aways, but before I go into that (yes I'm keeping you in suspense) I have a layout to share that was recently on the Doodlebug blog for the Tuesday Tutorial segment. If you would like to view the complete tutorial you'll find the link below.

DESIGNED FOR | Doodlebug Design Inc
PROJECT | Chevron Washi Tape Layout
LINK | Tuesday Tutorial

Gosh it seems like only yesterday that I was young and gravity was doing its job holding me together in a youthful way... now I'm twice as old as I was back then and in all honesty, my gravitational pull has headed south!

Now don't be afraid to use your washi tape because isn't that the reason you bought it in the first place?

SUPPLIES | Doodlebug
Washi Tape Chevron Assortment - Bumblebee, Cupcake, Lilac, Limade, Swimming Pool
Patterned Paper - Kraft in Color (Bumblebee Flower/Stripe)
6x6 Paper Pad - Kraft in Color
Candy Shoppe Mini Rub-ons - Swimming Pool
Expressions Rub-ons

I would like thank everyone for stopping by and entering the give-aways and leaving such beautiful comments which were truly appreciated.

Congratulations goes to:

Sandra Scott - Doodlebug Doily Giveaway
Jean Bullock - Doodlebug Doily Giveaway
Claire Apostoloff - Blog Hop Giveaway

Could each winner please email me their details as soon as possible to

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hop with a difference and a prize...

I'm really delighted to be part of an industry blog hop... with a difference! Recently I was asked to participate by the gorgeous Jessy Christopher who has me in awe every time she creates! Although Jessy and I have never met in person I truly feel as though I know her well through her scrapbooking and also through her pregnancy and subsequent birth of her precious little miracle. I've watched as Katelynn has grown in front of my very eyes on each scrapbook page and project that Jessy has meticulously put together with such love and creativity. Jessy has the ability to make you gasp at each new design with her use of touching photography, exquisite colour palette and perfectly balanced design. She is a true asset to this industry with her constant inspiration and positive attitude towards everything she does.
 Thank you Jessy for thinking of me!

So, as part of this blog hop I have a small series of questions to answer...

WHAT AM I WORKING ON NOW | My desk is covered in lots of the brand new Jillibean Soup goodness as I'm in the process of my next tutorial.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE ME TO CREATE A PROJECT  and HOW DOES MY CREATING PROCESS WORK| I've never been known to scrap with any speed as I tend to procrastinate quite a bit before I start. Firstly I must have a clean desk or I can't begin and secondly I have to come up with a sketched idea. I have book after book of all my doodles and drawings for each and every project I've ever done. Once I have the idea on paper I can usually have my layout finished in two to three hours or a card in one hour. I must finish the night I start... I cannot leave a project unfinished before heading off to bed or I won't be able to get any sleep.

WHAT ARE MY FAVOURITE THINGS TO CREATE WITH AT THE MOMENT |- I'm a total sucker for wood veneers at the moment and add them to everything I do!
- Sequins and Epoxy Dots are next on my hit list but these little things tend to come shopping with me on my sleeve or the bottom of my shoe, they also like to take a shower and even go for a swim in the washing machine. I draw the line at taking them to bed... so far!
- Vellum... how I love thee, let me count the ways!
- Chipboard and Sticker Alphas... well it's pretty obvious why I have a growing relationship with the alphas because my layouts would be title-less without them and I've tried to draw my own headings with ink to no avail! Will leave that to the experts.
- Rub-ons (are my staple) A good quality rub-on always has a place to stay in my house.
- Definitely Patterned Paper in every shade of the rainbow.
- Finally I can't live without my embroidery thread for hand stitching which is the one technique that I find relaxes me the most!

HOW DO I BECOME INSPIRED AND STAY INSPIRED | I often find myself out and about and spot something that triggers an idea so I try to take a photo or scribble something down on a piece of paper whilst it's fresh in my mind. I love to doodle so dream up weird and whacky ideas while I fill up the pages in my sketch pad. And then there is Pinterest which is definitely a place to rummage for inspiration but I have to be strict with myself as I can get awfully distracted with all the beautiful photos. I also find inspiration in colour so I have been playing around with marrying two of my favourite things... cake and colour to create the 'Colour My World' palettes.

WHAT IS MY SIGNATURE STYLE | That my dear friends is a work in progress! I think it would be easier to say what my style isn't... I'm not a shabby chic type person or mixed media however I absolutely admire those who make it look so beautiful. I just hate getting messy and I fail miserably at using anything wet because I freak when my paper buckles. Clean and simple is probably one way to describe the way I scrap but more of the clean and less of the simple as I tend to come up with wild ideas that leave me punching hundreds of tiny flowers to hand cutting itty bitty squares to cover an entire layout!


So with that out of the way, I would like to hand over the batten to the following three ladies who I admire profusely and find they inspire me every single day.

I'm slightly unsure how to describe Lori as she is so many wonderful things to so many people that it's hard to actually put into words how amazing she truly is. I'm always astounded at the amount of creativity she fits into each and every day along with everything else she manages to do for family, friends and work commitments. I'm sure she has a hidden 30 hour clock somewhere which I'd like to borrow from time to time. No matter how busy she gets she always has time to lend an ear when someone (me) on the other side of the globe needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to share a joke with or simply someone to talk to when everyone else is in bed. And as for her Pinterest board with it's 30,000 + followers... need I say anymore!

I have known Jen for the past few years through DT work and I have come to really appreciate her design and photography skills, and more recently her sewing skills. To me, she is the epitome of what scrapping is all about... someone who carefully and creatively preserves the day to day life of her child and family in such a way that inspires others to do the same. Jen has bold ideas with the use of beautiful bright colours and the most outstanding photos of her gorgeous young subject. This girl can really make me smile!

This next lady is someone who I didn't want to leave off my list even though she said she just couldn't commit to the blog hop due to an overwhelming schedule. So, I decided that rather than choosing someone to take her place I would simply continue with my choice and have Summer as my honorary designer without the pressure of having to continue the blog hop.

Summer is another lady I have met through DT commitments and I must say I think I've pinned more of her work than I have of anyone else. I cannot go past Summer's graphically beautiful layouts with multiple photos, and amazing story telling. She simply knows what looks good and how to mix and match patterns and colours to absolute perfection. Each layout gives you the true sense of her love for her family and how they spend their lives together without skipping over the details. She also makes me drool with her food photos or amazing meals that adorn her table... honestly it's like looking at a new page in a cook book each day. 


Thank you for stopping by today and as a thank you I have a little prize I would like to share with someone so leave a comment to enter and I will draw a winner next week.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

DOODLEBUG | Layout Tutorial and Giveaway!

Well don't faint... yes this is the second blog post in two days and yes I'm having a giveaway which is something that I haven't done in a while and is long overdue! Oh, and I did warn you that I hadn't finished with the circles.

DESIGNED FOR | Doodlebug Design Inc
PROJECT | Chevron Washi Tape Layout Tutorial
LINK | You can find the full tutorial HERE

NEW PRODUCTS | Doodlebug 8mm washi tape - Chevron Assortment, Candy Stripes Assortment. I truly love this product because it comes in the most gorgeous clear cylinders that hold 12 rolls of all the gorgeous Doodlebug colours.

Yes I went crazy! You should have seen my desk... it was completely covered in washi tape and sequins but I loved putting this layout together as it was so bright and cheerful, regardless of the mess!

THE STORY | So many people comment on how much alike my daughter and I are. Now to be honest we have never been able to see it, especially considering there is 30+ years difference in our ages. So on a recent weekend away my daughter snapped this selfie of the two of us and we both suddenly realised what everyone had been talking about. We even sound identical on the phone which has the farmer asking which one of us he is speaking to... sometimes we've been known to be a bit cheeky and pretend to be each other.

SUPPLIES | Doodlebug
Chevron Assortment 8mm wide Washi Tape
Candy Stripes Assortment 8mm wide Washi Tape
Sequins - Bumblebee, Beetleblack, Lilac, Limeade, Swimming Pool, Tangerine
Mini Flower Kit
Cupcake Doilies
Jack & Jill Alphabet Rubons - Limeade, Swimming Pool
Candy Shoppe Mini Rub-ons - Cupcake
Hip Hop Hooray Patterned Paper - Party Plaid
Sprinkles - Birthday Girl

I decided to have a little rummage through my stash and see if I could come up with a bright and colourful giveaway to match today's layout. And yes, that's the new Doodlebug doilies in every shade and design x 5 each... who loves doilies?
So, if there is anyone out there that doesn't think they have enough product stashed away in their crafty space then leave a comment and I'll select a winner at the end of the week.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jillibean Soup | Boot Scootin' Layout Tutorial

I have a confession! I'm addicted to circles at the moment... oh, and chocolate! So please don't shoot me for producing another layout with a circular theme because I just can't help myself. And secretly this isn't going to be the last so you may need to hold off on the 'eye rolling'.

DESIGNED FOR | Jillibean Soup
PROJECT | Boot Scootin' Layout
LINK | Tutorial can be found HERE

NEW PRODUCT | Cool As A Cucumber Collection
It seems so cliché to say that this collection is my favourite because it seems I say that with every new collection. However, the addition of mint green to any collection puts it right up there with the best and when you add circles, triangles and chevron it pretty much seals the deal. And I'm also loving the new wood veneer stars because they simply go with anything!

THE STORY | My little man has been wanting to ride a scooter just like his older brother and sister but he hasn't had the opportunity to learn with the winter being so cold and miserable. So when we had a very unseasonal week of glorious sunny days we decided it was time to head outside and teach this little guy to scoot! Of course it helped that school holidays had finished and his older siblings were out of the picture and both scooters were available. Of course scooter lessons couldn't be complete without his beloved gumboots!

SUPPLIES | Jillibean Soup
Patterned Paper: Cool As A Cucumber/Awesome Avacado, Cool Cucumbers, Trendy Tomatoes
Pea Pod Parts: Cool As A Cucumber
Coordinating Label Stickers: Cool As A Cucumber
Alphabeans: Grilled Gray, Tart Teal, Whipped White, Yam Yellow
Placemats: 12 x 12 White Mini Journaling Frames
Wood Veneers: Halloween

Embroidery Thread, White Ink

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jillibean Soup | New Stencil Sets

Getting messy isn't one of my favourite pass-times which means that occasionally I need to 'toughen up' and get my hands dirty! So, when I recieved the new Jillibean Soup - Stamp & Stencil Sets I knew the time had come to make friends with mess.

Luckily I spied the gorgeous new woodgrain and doily set which made it slightly less traumatic to get texture paste on my hands, desk, shirt and face... seriously that stuff seems to spread when you're not looking.

TIP | The stencils are quite pliable in comparison to other brands which make them ideal when you want a bit of flexibility to your design. So when it comes to washing your stencil and placing it back onto the clear plastic sheet I suggest that you lie the stencil down on a hard surface and have the backing sheet in your hand as it is stiffer and much easier to manoeuvre into position.

The sticky reverse side was wonderful for keeping the stencil in place when I added texture paste to my cardstock and it pealed off again without any problems at all. And because the stencil is wafer thin you get a lovely crisp image.

Using my current favourite colour combination of Mint and Tangerine I stamped and heat embossed two different doily designs then mounted them on top of each other using foam pop dots to create a bit of dimension.

SUPPLIES | Hampton Art
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup - Stamp & Stencil Set (Doilies & Woodgrain) JB0279
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup - Kraft Cardstock
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup - Placemats (White Mini Journaling Frames) JB0148
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup - Heart Healthy Red Bean Soup Flash Cards
Hampton Art/Jillibean Soup - Wood Sprinkles (Birthday) JB0272

Colorbox/Doodlebug Pigment Ink - Swimming Pool
Colorbox/Doodlebug Pigment Ink - Tangerine

Doodlebug Sprinkles, Texture Paste, Embroidery Thread

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